‘Those are words we don’t talk about’ – Derek Beaumont brushes off Eddie Hemmings’ question

Leigh have been promoted to Super League on four occasions.

On the last three occasions, they suffered relegation.

However, with a new name and some major signings, relegation is not something the club is thinking about.

This came as he was asked by former Sky Sports commentator Eddie Hemmings on the Eddie and Stevo podcast about the prospect of relegation and brushed the question aside:

“Those are words (relegation) we don’t talk about, genuinely we don’t talk about them. Never once have we mentioned as a group that our goal is to stay in Super League.

“You don’t spend the full cap in this competition and have that as your goal. We’re realistic, but we have got ambition and two wins so far doesn’t mean anything.

“We beat St Helens here in 2017, we started really well but we went on a 10-game losing streak after losing to Wakefield and we ended next bottom.

“I’m well aware of what can happen, Super League is very tough and we are seeing some teams struggling just now that might pick their feet up and be better.

“Our goal is, well, we ideally want to finish in the playoffs, that’s what we’re talking about and that’s what this group is aiming for – that’s where we are building towards.

“It would be a magnificent achievement, but listen I would settle now on just not finishing bottom and being in Super League next season.

“That’s the truth, because we’ve never achieved that and then we can move forward.”

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