This Super League side WILL win the Grand Final within five years

As the play-offs loom, Wigan Warriors, Warrington Wolves, Hull KR, Leigh Leopards, Catalans Dragons and Champions St Helens are all set to battle for Super League glory.

This will answer the question, who will be crowned Champions in 2023 but many fans, especially of teams who didn’t make the play offs, are thinking of the future.

But is may be one of the six play off teams who could have the brightest future in the shape of Hull KR.

In Willie Peters who is an excellent coach who knows how to nail the basics of a play off side with a strong pack and an effective defence.

They have had great investment and signings and they have everything in place to be a success.

The Robins will, in my opinion, win a Grand Final within the next five years.

At the heart of this is perhaps the brightest young player in the shape of Mikey Lewis.

Willie Peters had his say on the young stand off: “As I said before what I’m trying to create is competition for spots yeah we’re going to have Mikey, Mikey’s going to be an option and then obviously we’ve got Peta Hiku there.

“I’ve said before initially we saw him Peta as a one so I want to do is try and create competition for spots because I think this is where at the moment we need to strengthen.

“People are talking around and it’s pretty vocal, the people are vocal around the spine, but you need to have more than a one, six, seven, or nine. You need to have backup.

“When we lost, we lost Rowan Milnes, we lost Jordan Abdul, and then we’re putting Ethan and Jez Litten there.

“So the most successful teams for me, and this is just my model, is making sure that you’ve got a very good spine and you’ve got some depth in your spine as well. So some players next year in the squad, you’re going to miss out.

“What have we got next year, say 27 players, 28 players, you’ve got to pick 17 each week. My job is to make sure that we get the best possible squad and then a full pre-season works it out, who’s going to start in round one.

“I’ll have my reasons and I’ll be able to talk to you around that closer to the time. But for me, it’s around getting the best possible squad that we can get and the best possible spine.”

Focusing specifically on Lewis, he went on to say he wants him at the club for 12 years: “Then for me, it’s guys like Mikey, who’s only 21, it’s what people forget, is going to benefit from having Peta Hiku, guys like Tyrone May around.

“You look at Tyrone May, he was at Penrith. He started at six at one stage and then he got injured. But he had James Moloney that came in and Jerome Luai ended up getting his opportunity.

“The point is that Tyrone got to learn from these older guys around him and then he’s become the player that he is now because of the experience that he’s had with some players. So that’s what we’re trying to create at the club.

“We just need to keep developing Mike and then you know we want him part of this club for the next 12 years you know, however long I’m here I want Mikey Lewis at this club so and the people above me want Mikey Lewis at this club for the for the next 12 years or wherever it’s going to be.

“So it’s about development mate and I know it’s been a topic of conversation around who’s going to play where but like I say we need to have depth that’s the way you win competitions and things like that.”