“They’ve blown it” – Kevin Brown on Huddersfield Giants’ season and cup final heartache against Wigan Warriors

Wigan Warriors, Huddersfield Giants and Salford Red Devils: three clubs Kevin Brown played for.

The stand-off started his career at Wigan and finished it at Salford enjoying a trip to Wembley in 2020 against the Leeds Rhinos.

That wasn’t the only major final in his career which also saw him enjoy spells at Widnes and Warrington but peaked during his time at Huddersfield where he played in the 2009 Challenge Cup Final.

His spell at Huddersfield yielded his best years alongside the likes of Danny Brough helping cement the Giants as a title contender which had alluded them throughout Super League.

Once again a title contender in 2022, the Giants are the only side of the three mentioned at the start of this article not in the Super League semi-finals despite finishing third.

This is because the Giants were caught cold last week at home as they lost to Salford Red Devils 28-0 as the Red Devils continue to ride the crest of a wave hoping for another fairytale like in 2019 where they defied the odds as they are in 2022.

However, based on the way Huddersfield played earlier this year, it should be the Giants in the final four which no doubt has left Giants fans disappointed.

Ultimately, Brown believes the Giants have “blown it” in 2022 claiming they should have also won the Challenge Cup Final when reflecting on the end of his former side’s season against Salford on Saturday when featuring on The Sportsman’s The Last Tackle this week.

“They’ll be thinking that they’ve blown it,” Brown said of the Giants, “They should have won the Challenge Cup Final and I thought they were too conservative in that game.

“Sometimes they just ran the ball into the corner. They played as if they just didn’t want to lose, and Salford went out there to win. I feel that they’ll look back and believe they’ve blown the cup and that they should have beat Salford.

“They worked so hard to get a home draw against a team below them, who they expect to beat and that they spend a lot more money than. 28-0. They’ll be disappointed.”

He ultimately felt that they let themselves down in the big games: “They’ve been good consistently through the year but the big games matter. The big players should stand up, and they didn’t.”

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