“They are pretty much the Man City of rugby league” – Brian Carney ups the pressure on Daryl Powell

Brian Carney has compared Warrington Wolves to Premier League giants Manchester City due to the amount that they spend and the big expectations that come with it.

However, whilst City have won six titles in the last 15 years amongst other honours, the Super League title continues to allude Warrington which is why Carney believes there is pressure on coach Daryl Powell:

“Warrington are pretty much the Manchester City of rugby league, but I don’t want that to be inappropriate given what has happened recently, but financially they have all the spending power of two wealthy benefactors.

“Daryl Powell had that disappointing season last year. Warrington could only lose five games all this season, but if they are the first five seasons then Daryl Powell is out of a job such is the pressure on the club.

“I spoke with Daryl at the end of last season and he was grey but I spoke to him a couple of weeks ago over lunch and he had the colour back in his face. He is a 20 year coach, he is phenomenal. They have the right coach, he has the players he wants so there are no excuses.”

Fellow Sky Sports pundit Jon Wilkin echoed this from Carney who said they flopped in 2022:

“For people who don’t know, Warrington were as big a flop as Paul Pogba at Man Untied. They just promised a lot and then were lethargic and underdelivered and moped around all year. They didn’t get their stuff together and ended up finishing second bottom.

“The exciting thing for Warrington is that they’ve gone out and got the cheque book. Simon Moran, who owns the club, has got the deepest pockets known to man. he runs all the concerts in the north. He’s spent loads of money and improved the squad no end. The acid test is how it goes.

“Warrington are under pressure from minute one and Leeds are looking to kick off and will want to start strongly.”

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