“There’s been a lot of people jumping up and down which is crazy” – Powell dismisses criticism of his side prior to cup victory

Daryl Powell could not have been happier with his side’s victory over Warrington in the Challenge Cup semi-final, but bemoaned Castleford fans’ complaints in the build up to the game.

“We got rattled a little bit by Warrington at the start of the second half but from one to 17 it was a courageous effort,” Powell said.

“And we showed what we’re about and we still care .

“I think there’s been a few people doubting that and I’d like to say to every Castleford fan, I am concentrating on this job and all the players are.”

Powell will be moving to Warrington at the end of the year after what will have been nine years at the Jungle, and he believes that the criticism levelled at him and the squad has been “crazy”.

“I wouldn’t doubt the commitment of anyone in our camp.

“It’s ridiculous to do so and I’d say that to anyone.

“There’s been a lot of people jumping up and down which is crazy and I don’t understand that at all.

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