There is more pressure at this club than anyone says CEO

Warrington Wolves CEO Karl Fitzpatrick has said that there is more pressure on them as a club than any other in Super League.

This is because of the level of investment in the club as they look to end their wait for a Super League title.

When asked if there is more pressure on them, Fitzpatrick said on the Out of your League podcast:

“I would say so just due to the investment. I think Simon did get a bit of abuse, and look I can accept it because I’m getting paid to do a job. Simon and Stuart Middleton, our chairman, are putting in significant sums in and they’re getting abuse.”

This pressure took its toll last season as the Wolves slumped to 11th.

Fitzpatrick explained why:

“We had 14 players off contract and we retained two, so within that you’ve got instability. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is a psychological framework and motivational theory and one of the foundations is safety, we took that away from 12 players. As human beings are they going to be totally for the cause? I can’t blame the players for thinking ahead, so having that created uncertainty in the camp.

“After games we’d go and meet in this café and it was like The Apprentice. Do you know when things have gone wrong and they dissect it?”

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