The two NRL clubs Wakefield Trinity star could have joined had he reunited with now retired brother

With both David Fifita and Andrew Fifita confirming that they would be leaving their clubs at the end of 2022, it was believed that two would enjoy one season playing together to wrap up their careers together.

There were talks that the two could play for Wests Tigers in 2023 or at least their feeder team.

However, Andrew Fifita’s decision to retire yesterday has put an end to any hope of seeing the twins play together.

Andrew has been struck so badly by injury that he has been forced to retire with the prop revealing just how many surgeries he needs following the decision to retire.

This leaves question marks over what David will do next, but it seems he will certainly be in Australia whether playing or not.

However, had his brother decided to play on in 2023, there were two clubs who were in talks with signing Andrew Fifita and likely his brother David.

These two were the Canterbury Bulldogs and the Manly Sea-Eagles according to Fox League.

So had, Fifita chosen not to retire and joined either of these clubs, it would have been very likely that David would have followed.

As it happens, Andrew’s decision to retire means that this won’t happen and leaves David Fifita’s future clouded.

It is possible, if not likely, that he will mimic his brother’s decision to retire.

Time will tell.

Wakefield meanwhile still have four quota spots partly due to Fifita’s departure. One of those is set to go to Kevin Proctor and perhaps Josh Drinkwater and Dylan Napa could head that way after being told to find new clubs by the Dragons.

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