The three times James Roby rejected NRL moves

To many St Helens legend and captain James Roby is Super League’s GOAT – greatest of all time – but others have questioned why he never tried his hand at the NRL.

A player of his quality would have done well down under and former St Helens boss Ian Millward revealed to the that two years ago the St George Illawarra Dragons looked at signing the number nine.

“If you didn’t know his date of birth, you’d sign him now for an NRL club,” said Millward, who is now St George Illawarra pathways manager. “Two years ago, I know at our club we looked at him.”

Meanwhile, Roby himself revealed two other times he rejected moves to the NRL for good reasons.

“The first time I was only 20 years old and my girlfriend, who is my wife now, was pregnant at the time and as young parents we were a bit scared of coming over without any grandparents to help out and that sort of thing,” Roby said to

“Another time we had just moved into a new house, so it has just never really transpired to be honest.

“It was nice to get some opportunities but it is not something I regret.

“Obviously I would be too old now. I don’t think anyone would sign me as a 38-year-old at the end of this season.”

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