The Super League, Championship and League 1 future structure laid bare

That old age debate in rugby league about what structure the sport should have is set to be tested once more in the upcoming months.

With the structure confirmed for 2023 just as it is at present – with one up, one down promotion and relegation from Super League to the Championship and then two up and two down from the second tier to the third, teams are able to prepare for the near future.

However, the talk of it being two groups of Super League from 2024 onwards continues to grow with that structure the most likely.

It does potentially mean, though, that a number of League 1 clubs – who have had to endure a drop in funding from £75,000 to £20,000 this past year – would not be able to survive as an amateur-run side.

What is expected to occur between the two groups of ten, however, is that the gulf that is currently being experienced between Super League and the Championship will no longer exist.

With the two groups likely to be more intertwined and closely related than the Super League and Championship, it could – if promotion and relegation continues – prevent teams from yoyoing back and forth from the first to the second tier.

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