The Super League and NRL: Closer than you think

In the Australian rugby league community there is a general consensus that the Super League talent pool is inferior to the NRL’s, with most believing that best Super League team would have no chance against the NRL’s worst team on any given occasion.

It is not only this Australian columnist and NRL fanatic’s opinion that this is far from the truth, there is also plenty of evidence that proves the gap between the NRL and Super League in terms of talent is much closer then many think.

First of all, Super League sides have won 9 of the past 20 World Club Challenge Finals. Yes, NRL sides have won more, however Super League sides have won JUST under half of the past 20 meetings between the two codes best sides, with 7 out of the 11 NRL victories in that time frame being within a 20 point margin.

Lastly, some of the NRL’s biggest stars started out in the Super League. We have seen the likes of the Burgess brothers, James Graham, Josh Hodgson, Elliot Whitehead and most recently John Bateman among others excel in the NRL after previously playing in the Super League.

It’s time for Australian fans to take the Super League more seriously.