The staggering numbers behind Channel 4’s Super League coverage as Adam Hills analyses his time so far

TV Presenter, comedian, Physical Disability player and Warrington Wolves fan Adam Hills has fronted the first two games ever broadcast live on Channel 4

For the opening game of the terrestrial showing, Warrington took on Leeds Rhinos away at Headingley – and to see it was an incredible success would be undermining its real effect.

Hills himself told the Warrington website: “The phrase “a breathe of fresh air” has been used a lot and not just because we’re covering it pitchside!

“It’s been overwhelmingly positive and the amount of people watching has been great.

“I think the first game peaked at 750,000 people. Rugby League fans really love the sport and want it to be presented the right way.

“I also know that there’s a honeymoon period there and we need to keep getting it right every week.”

For Hills himself, this kind of job is a dream come true.

“When I left high school I wanted to be a sports journalist and in particular I wanted to cover rugby league because I grew up in Sydney and it was the biggest sport in town. I took the longest route possible!

“It’s an absolute dream job. The bit I love the most is the half time analysis when you’ve just watched 40 minutes and you stand there with the experts and ask what just happened and they talk me through it.

““Why’s this team in front? What’s this team doing wrong? How can they fix it?” I’m asking questions as a genuine fan that I’m hoping fans at home are wondering too but at the end of that discussion it’s like cracking the formula to a scientific equation when you go “Oh right I see!””

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richard hine
richard hine
4 months ago

great new i like many of my friends have cancelled SKY SPORTS far to expensive these days so its channel 4 for us folks