The seven new rule changes for Super League, Championship and beyond for 2022

The Rugby Football League has announced seven new rule changes for the 2022 season and now referee Liam Moore has talked all fans through it on the RFL’s Twitter account.

Super League is set to start tonight and there will likely be evidence of some or all seven of the following rule changes.

“2022 sees the reintroduction of scrums, scrums will only occur when there is a an error so a knock on, forward pass or accidental offside on tackles 1-4,” Moore said.

“The team have a choice where to position the scrum, on the 20m, 40m or halfway mark and the feed of the scrum will always take place on the side of the error.

“But, if the player gets tackled on the last tackle, it will result in a fixed handover.”

Moore continued: “If the ball is kicked out on the full that will result in a fixed handover where the ball was kicked from.

“Incorrect play-the-balls will also result in a fixed handover on the play-the-ball.

“Now once the ball has been kicked into touch and it bounces this will result in a lateral handover and the team can choose to have it on the 10m, 20m or the middle of the field.

“If the ball is passed backwards into touch, on tackles 1-4 ,this will result in a lateral handover – on tackle five this will be a fixed handover.

“Also, players can not deliberately drop off the tackle while another player steals the ball. This will result in a penalty.”

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