The ‘risk’ of Matt Dufty playing for Warrington Wolves

If there has been one talking point in rugby league in 2022 so far it’s been that of lengthy bans and an increasing number of cards shown in games.

One touchy point has also been that of the Operations Tribunal appeal hearings and their decision to give some players an upgraded ban after appealing.

It’s a point of concern for Huddersfield Giants head coach Ian Watson who revealed that the club would not dispute the ban handed to star centre Leroy Cudjoe because of its ‘pointless’ nature.

“We didn’t look to do that (appeal the ban), it’s pointless,” Watson said.

“It’s not worth it, you go down there and you get given a frivolous charge and get more games.”

Unfortunately for Watson and Huddersfield, a number of men will be out this weekend with the likes of Tui Lolohea, Jack Cogger and Chris Hill sidelined.

However, Hill is not too far away from returning, but Watson wants him back for the rest of the season.

“The remit we’ve given the medical staff is you get him back and he stays back we don’t want to rush him back, but he will be back in the next couple of weeks.”

After looking at his opponents for tomorrow’s game, Warrington Wolves, Watson believes he knows the reason why Daryl Powell hasn’t had too much success in 2022 so far.

“He wants to implement a style of play that was probably different from what Warrington was trying to play before,” Watson continued.

“But, the club have given him the backing him to do that. The results haven’t gone their way but they are still backing him and going forward beyond that.

“Only Daryl will tell you on the inside what happens there though, I’m just focused on what’s going on at Huddersfield.”

With new signing Matt Dufty included for his debut this afternoon, Watson wonders if it is a ‘risk’.

“I fully expect him to play. He’s already said he’s come over to play, not sit on the sidelines.

“The risk for them is if you throw him in a game in the first week where he’s just flown across from Australia whether he ends up doing himself any damage or not, but hat’s up to them to decide his fate there.”

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