The man who missed out on Castleford job to Lee Radford speaks out on vacancy

This week Castleford Tigers made the bold decision to part company with Lee Radford after just three games.

It comes after just over a season in the role after he replaced Daryl Powell at the end of 2021.

Now though the alternate option to appointing Radford has spoken out on missing out on the job and his ambition to get his current club to Super League.

That is of course York RLFC boss Andrew Henderson:

“I did interview for the Castleford job initially, when Lee Radford was appointed. I was down to the final two and obviously the club went in that direction,” Henderson said on BBC Sport.

“Had the time been then it may have been different but since then I’ve joined York and I’ve really bought into the project we’re building.

“I really believe that we can build something here at York and create a Super League team and club here.

“I’m aligned with the vision and ambition that the owner has and I’m excited about what we’re doing here, I really am and I genuinely believe in what we’re doing here.

“This club has so much potential to do something special in the future and bring Super League rugby to York.

“I just hope that in my time and tenure that I can help the club realise that, and help the players to showcase their talent at the next level.

“Ultimately I do have ambition to coach in Super League and hopefully that will be with York.”

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