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The five best rugby league pundits

Having successful pundits will always be a big part of rugby league and has been since the summer game came into being in 1996.

In those 25 years, the TV channel has seen many pundits come and go with some incredibly popular and some not so.

But, just which five pundits do we think rank as the best in rugby league?

5. Kevin Brown

He’s new to the set-up having been asked to deputise on Sky Sports towards the back end of the 2021 Super League season, but Kevin Brown has seemingly found a new niche. His reporting has been fluid and he carries himself well as though he’s been doing it all his life. Now, retired, don’t be surprised if you don’t see Brown much more often in the studio alongside the likes of Brian Carney.

4. Jon Wells

Jon Wells gets stick from rival fans for his touch screen analysis, but it has become an integral part of Sky Sports viewing in recent seasons. However, his understanding of rugby league is staggering to say the least and his use of the touch screen used at half-time and full-time gives viewers unique demonstrations into team moves, structures and specific occurrences during a game. Wells also refuses to pull any punches and always gives his honest opinion.

3. Leon Pryce

One of the most knowledgeable players to have taken to the rugby league field, Leon Pryce has transferred that into the Sky Sports studio when he has been invited on. His depth of understanding of the game and ability to read a lot of players’ minds on the field makes him one of the most captivating pundits to listen to.

2. Tony Rea

Again, another pundit that knows what he is talking about, former London boss Tony Rea has impressed greatly whenever he has been asked to appear on Sky. Far away from the ‘fence-sitters’ that you would normally find with guest speakers, Rea voices his opinion charismatically and studiously, getting his point across without offending anyone. Giving Rea a more permanent role would certainly add spice to what appears to be a stagnant punditry set-up and would definitely be a popular choice.

1. Jamie Peacock

Jamie Peacock has become a regular with the BBC in recent seasons and provides welcome insight whenever he is on the punditry team. Revered throughout the game, Peacock undoubtedly attracts increased attention due to the way he commands an audience, plus he is actually a really good speaker too. A former prop that has won everything possible in the game, who better to speak from experience than Peacock?

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. John

    October 7, 2021 at 8:14 am

    Kevin brown best new commentator along with Jodie broughten worst ultimut ultumut jon wilkin according to him there’s only one team in super lge we know who that is welsby welsby is all he knows
    Ask leigh

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