“The Aussies or New Zealand would’ve put up 60” – How social media reacted to England’s win over France

Yesterday, England continued their preparation’s for the World Cup with a 30-10 win over France. It wasn’t the perfect performance from Shaun Wane’s side, but there were plenty of positives from the display. That’s my take anyway, but what was yours? How did social media react to the game.

One fan was disappointed by the lack of tries scored by the English. They felt the win should have been more emphatic and that the Australians or Kiwis would’ve scored 60.

Another fan felt the second half let England down.

Plenty of others were far more positive believing that it was a good starting place for the English heading towards next year’s World Cup.

Putting the performance to one side, it was a lovely event bringing women’s rugby and men’s rugby together whilst helping boost the game in France. James Simpson of the Wheelchair team wanted in on the action too.

But the positives from the event didn’t get in the way of the negative thinking of others. One fan felt it was clear that Shaun Wane isn’t the right man for the job.

Or perhaps he meant Shane Warne? There was some confusion during the BBC coverage yesterday after all.

The confusion also found its way onto the field too when Jonny Lomax was wrongly sin binned.

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8 months ago

If wane could pick the full Wigan team he would ??