Tenured Raider seeking contract extension

One of the Canberra Raiders’ longest serving players and co-captain Jarrod Croker is eyeing a contract extension at the club.

The Canberra Times are reporting that Canberra Raiders goal kicker and centre Jarrod Croker is looking to sign a new deal with the club in the near future that could see him become the most capped Raider of all-time.

The 29-year-old’s current contract will be up at the end of the 2020 NRL season and if he plays every regular season game he will be at 277 overall NRL games played, 281 if the Raiders play in every finals series game.

That will leave him either 41 or 37 games off of current most capped Raider of all time Jason Croker who holds the record with 318 and funnily enough is a distant relative of Jarrod’s.


If Croker is to break his relative’s record he will have to play the majority of the 2020 NRL season and at least sign a two-year-deal with the Canberra Raiders.


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