“Take a look at yourself” – Bobbie Goulding blasts Brian Carney for scathing attack on Wigan players

Former Great Britain scrum-half Bobbie Goulding has taken to Twitter to point the finger at Brian Carney after he labelled Wigan’s players ‘absolutely disgraceful’ live on Sky Sports News.

Carney’s outburst came after forward Gabe Hamlin failed a drugs test and was suspended by the club.

He is the third Wigan player this year to be involved in an off-field indiscretion after Zak Hardaker and Craig Mullen were both charged for drink-driving.

And former Wigan winger Carney, who is now a Sky Sports pundit, vented his fury in the interview as he addressed the players directly live on air.

“The playing group needs to buck-up their ideas and realise that the game is bigger than them. They are disgracing themselves and disgracing the game,” he said.

Although his comments were widely supported on social media, former Wigan player Goulding was critical of Carney.

In a direct response to Sky Sports RL’s tweet, the 47-year-old was clearly angered and appeared to insinuate that Carney’s comments were somewhat hypocritical.

“It’s amazing when you stop playing and you start slagging off players (take a look at yourself),” said Goulding.

“What about the salary cap, what about the fiasco with Sean Edwards?

“Don’t just go round pointing the finger at players. Absolute w….r this bloke, never done ewt wrong, kettle black.”

Fans began to respond to Goulding’s tweet sticking up for Carney, but the former England international replied to most of them to ensure he got his point across.

“It is wrong yes, totally, but how can someone who has not been squeaky clean say these things.” Goulding said in reply to one Wigan supporter.

Carney himself is currently not active on Twitter so it’s unlikely there will be any response to Goulding’s tweet from the man himself, at least not in the public eye anyway.

You can view the entire thread of comments here.