Swinton submit application to be renamed Manchester Lions RLFC

Swinton have officially submitted their application to be renamed Manchester Lions RLFC.

Despite the rebrand, the club’s proposed new crest will still feature the Swinton name and colours, while they will continue to play at Heywood Road in Sale.

In a statement released yesterday, the Lions’ Board of Directors went into further detail to explain the reasons behind the decision to rebrand.

“The Board firmly believe that there is a significant opportunity to broaden the appeal of Swinton by becoming THE rugby league club of Manchester.

“However, in doing so we have set out to respect the Swinton name, our colours and our heritage, whilst creating a future facing, financially viable and hungry rugby league club – a Manchester club that appeals to a broader fan base and one that we can all be proud of.

“At a Club Board meeting on 3rd September, the Directors considered all implications and opportunities and voted unanimously to proceed with these changes for the reasons outlined above.

“This decision has not been taken lightly, but we are at a crossroads and need to take action whilst there still remains the opportunity to effect the necessary changes.”

Read the full statement here.