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“Surely now it’s time to announce the Cumbrian Otters” – How social media reacted to the NRL’s 17th team

The NRL has announced that they’ll be welcoming a 17th team into the league in 2023 in the shape of The Dolphins. They’ll become the second Brisbane based club in the competition as the NRL looks to expand. It’s another step forward for the game as it’s appeal widens again. Well, that’s my take but what was yours? How did social media react to the announcement?

Plenty of supporters felt that this should only be the beginning where expansion is concerned. They urged the NRL to include more teams from outside New South Wales including a second New Zealand team and a side from Perth.

That said, not everyone is convinced by the move and one fan created a comical English equivalent.

Naturally, the news sparked speculation over who their first marque signing could be.

Some noted that plenty of NRL clubs could be about to lose a lot of their young stars with the promise of regular rugby with the Dolphins. Even Melbourne could be about to lose their Queensland contingent.

For those associated with the club, it was an emotional day as dreams came true.

That said, the Redcliffe Dolphins may no longer exist. Plenty of people questioned the name with discussions over whether they should take on the Redcliffe name or change it to something else.

Most questioned why they weren’t given a complete name, whether Redcliffe or otherwise, and suggested that they needed to be as separate to the Broncos as possible.

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