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Super League’s rule changes for the 2021 season – everything you need to know (simplified)

Chris Kendall denied Catalans Dragons a try against Warrington Wolves.

Once again the new season of Super League will be littered with new rules. The RFL have ratified a number of new regulations going into the 2021 season many of which were introduced initially in the NRL.

The sport is always changing its rules it seems. It keeps the game fresh but can frustrate and confuse fans especially those just starting to enjoy the game.

With that in mind we’re giving you a simplified version of all the new rules coming to Super League this year.

Scrum Removal:

This isn’t exactly a new rule but a continuation of a change made last season. This was done in response to the pandemic and has been kept going into this season as the virus continues to plague our sport. Instead of scrums when the ball goes out of play or is knocked on the game will be restarted with a handover. The situation is apparently still under review with the World Cup on the horizon which will see the return of scrums to this country. On top of this when scrums do return they won’t feature when the ball goes into touch.

Lateral Positioning of Scrums:

Building on this is another new rule. When a team is awarded a scrum or, before their return, a handover after a knock on, the attacking team will be allowed to choose the lateral positioning of the scrum. This means should a team be awarded a scrum on the 10 metre line they can decide where on the 10 metre line they want the scrum in order to maximise their attacking potential.

20/40 Kicks:

We’re all very familiar with 40/20s. When a player kicks the ball from inside their own 40 into the opposition 20 and it bounces into touch the attacking team, the team that kicked the ball, are awarded possession from where the ball went into touch. This is the same principle. When a team kicks the ball from within their own 20 into the opposition 40 and it bounces into touch the attacking team will be awarded possession where the ball went out of play giving them an attacking position.

Incorrect Play-the-Ball:

Now when a player fails to play the ball correctly, the ball will be handed over to the defending team. Meaning that they’ll start with a play the ball of their own.

Six Again:

This new rule was introduced last July. It saw ruck infringements no longer penalised by a traditional penalty but instead with the attacking team awarded 6 more tackles to increase the speed of the game. Now added to that is 10 metre offside infringements. Meaning when defenders are found offside instead of a penalty the attacking side will be given 6 more tackles.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Rtgg

    March 21, 2021 at 6:56 pm

    Spoiling the game ,its going to be a kicking contest and open to abuse by the referees.

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