Super League’s Magic Weekend concept to be used in another sport just as IMG call for its end

The 2023 Magic Weekend is set to be the last in Super League history.

The concept was created back in 2007 and has been held in Wales, Scotland, Manchester, Newcastle and Liverpool at some of the most famous sporting venues in the UK.

It has played host to some of the greatest moments in Super League history including controversies and grudge matches.

However, IMG’s new vision for rugby league will see its conclusion after 2023 due to their belief that the game is oversaturated with big events alongside the Challenge Cup Final and the Grand Final.

These suggestions have been voted in favour of by the majority of clubs with Keighley Cougars the only club to vote against them due to their belief that no club should be exempt from relegation no matter the size of the club off the field.

The Cougars reportedly are mostly in favour of the rest of the proposals and therefore it seems that there is support for the end of the concept.

Despite this, the concept is being used successfully in the NRL at present with Newcastle Knights even wanting compensation for being handed a bye round for the 2023 Magic event.

The NRL is also very unhappy that the concept is set to be copied by rival sport the AFL – Aussie Rules – in 2023 with an event taking place in Sydney.

It will take place in April with six games of the nine that round taking place in one location according to Triple M radio.

It is curious that the concept will be adopted by another organisation and even another sport.

Are Super League making a mistake in getting rid of it.

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