Super League stars react angrily to video refereeing decision

Rugby league is a tough sport, often dominated by decisions on the spot.

However, when a video referee gets involved, technology enables reviews from every angle, enhancing the quality of the product.

Unfortunately, last night’s game between Leeds and Warrington included a decision that was as far away from quality as possible.

Video referee Robert Hicks handed Josh Charnley a try in the 51st minute, despite there being no evidence that the whitewash had been touched.

And, it’s fair to say that fellow rugby league players were unhappy with the decision.

Liam Watts had his say.

Danny Richardson too was bemused with the decision.

Chris McQueen couldn’t believe what he had seen.

Former Castleford player Calum Turner also got in on the act.

John Bateman was in top form as usual.

Former Rhinos winger Ryan Hall also had his say.

Even ex-referee Richard Silverwood waded into the debate.

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Paul Chippindale
Paul Chippindale
1 year ago

Many years ago when a rugby league referee was in the same situation as Chris Kendall ie could not see the attacking player ground the ball in the in goal area.The referee had to make a decision as to HOW to restart play. The attacking player is positioned part into the in goal area with the ball and several defenders crowded on top of him. So how does the match official restart play ? The attacking player in possession of the ball was “ GIVEN THE BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT “. Is the ball grounded ? Is a defender stopping the ball from being grounded ? Has the attacking player lost possession of the ball ? etc. At Super League level with all the technology of action replay. In such an incident as Christ Kendall was in, the referee should be able to call on the video referee to make… Read more »

Billy the wire
Billy the wire
1 year ago

Nobody likes the wire ..we dont care .just jealous. If any of the complainers had scored that then it wouldve been a try.

1 year ago

Mr Hicks always has had a soft spot for Warrington. I mean Morgan Knowles try – or not – in the 2019 challenge cup final didn’t even get sent up to the video ref for a second look. Straight away, it wasn’t a try. And then Mr Hicks didn’t referee another saints game til the next season. Hmm…