Super League starlet explains squad were forced to train more after brutal defeat

Hull FC have dramatically turned things around lately after a seven game losing run at the start of the season.

Young outside back Cam Scott has explained how things have turned around revealing they trained over the Easter weekend after their defeat to Hull KR.

“There’s been a couple of things. Probably the togetherness of the side,” he said on BBC Radio Humberside.

“There was two ways it could have gone when we were on that seven-game losing run. We either got together and realised we were the only ones who could get ourselves out of it, or we’d kind of split up and separate as a group. I think we did the first.

“We’ve got together and really come through it on the other side. That’s down to all the extra sessions we’d had put in.

“I always speak about the Easter Sunday one after the derby when Tony brought us in. It’s days like that when other teams might have had it off after a good Easter period, we were in working because we knew we weren’t where we wanted to be.

“Those extra sessions are really starting to pay dividends now and there’s a couple of other things but I’d highlight the togetherness and nailing those extra sessions.

“The one around Easter was massive.

“Obviously Tony has come in with a new style of play, both offensively and defensively. Around about that point it was our defence that was the issue so we just stuck to the system and almost stripped it back to what we’d been doing in pre-season.

“We went over it constantly to the point that every player in the squad knew their role to the finest detail. Whoever was coming into the team, regardless of position or how many games they’d played everyone knew what their role was.

“That was really particular and repetitive over about three or four weeks and eventually it started to click and we started to pick up some wins.”