Super League star stands by controversial vaccine stance that “opened the door” to best move of his career

It’s funny how life works.

When we were hit by the pandemic a few years ago, the world was turned upside down but for Leigh Leopards one very good thing came out of it.

Their current skipper and star player John Asiata wouldn’t be at the club but for the pandemic.

This is because he was shown the door at Canterbury Bulldogs because he would not have the vaccine.

Speaking on Sky Sports, he stands by that decision and thanks God that it opened the door to coming to Leigh.

“When I signed at the Bulldogs, there was the whole situation with the vaccine and it was something me and my wife stood for because of our kids and what they went through and it was a time we believed that not getting the vaccine was the right thing to do for us.

“We stay strong to that till this day. It is nothing we regret and obviously God opens doors. When one closes, another opens.

“Being told I can’t play in the NRL for not getting a jab and end up on the other side of the world, but I believe that God had this plan for me.

“Coming here took me away from rugby league, I didn’t know when I could play again so moving here was a big step and big for our family and it was tough but it was right and I was so welcomed by the group.

“It has been awesome to be enjoy rugby league with no pressure. That is the big difference here, you don’t have people constantly on your back. You have more people encouraging you and that brought me back to enjoying the game.”

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