Super League star slams potential changes to Challenge Cup

As IMG look to re-imagine rugby league, one thing that could be re-imagined is the Challenge Cup.

It has already been confirmed that the Challenge Cup Final will be moved forward in the new calendar but there has been talk that a more radical change could be coming: a move to Champions League style group stages.

However, Hull FC star Scott Taylor is dead set against this suggestion:

“For me, stay as it is. There’s so much history in the cup, one-off ties, not knowing who you’re getting, not knowing the fun of the draw,” he said on BBC Five Live.

“For me, more games is a bad idea. You’ve already seen certain squads this year are starting to struggle already, but you’ll see more of that in the next few months.

“You want to keep the quality there in the games and you need to see the best of the best. You need to see the best players on the pitch week in, week out, who the fans are paying to see.

“I think if you introduce and you start playing more than 30-odd games in a season again, and even more that for international players, so I think we need to be smart with it and the Cups got so much history for what it is.

“I wouldn’t be a fan of change, but obviously us players aren’t the ones who get to call the shots at the minute.”