Reports: Super League star set to be allowed to leave

Less than 24 hours after their defeat to Castleford Tigers at the Magic Weekend, there were reports down under that Leeds Rhinos were weighing up what was being described as “a big money move” for one NRL star.

The Rhinos had been linked with Wests Tigers halfback Luke Brooks earlier this season but those rumours went cold as talks increased over a deal being offered to Brooks by the Tigers.

Rohan Smith also poured cold water over them.

However, on Sunday it was reported by the Daily Telegraph that Leeds were considering a big money move for Brooks.

The same reports are claiming Leeds will keep one of their current halfbacks and let the other go.

Both Blake Austin and the injured Aidan Sezer are both in the final year of their contracts at the club.

Expected to be a brilliant combination when they both arrived in 2022 with Leeds fans hoping they could rekindle their partnership from their Canberra Raiders days the pair have been riddled by injury since they arrived at Headingley creating a situation where more often than not only one of the duo plays.

According to reports down under it seems one of the pair will be allowed to leave at the end of 2023 but which of the two remains unclear.