Super League star reveals the financial compensation his teammates receiev

There is a lot of talk around the RFL lawsuit at the moment but one Super League star has revealed that Super League players already get compensation for their injuries.

Castleford Tigers winger Greg Eden has revealed that some of his teammates receive over £3000 a year in compensation for injuries they have picked up during their career.

On the Fully Game YouTube channel, Eden said: “I think there’s a few of the lads on it at Cas that are getting like £340 a month for the rest of their lives, because they’ve got a dodgy shoulder or a dodgy knee and it all added up to a certain percent.”

This really does highlight the lawsuit as being about negligence rather than injuries.

Nick Fozzard claimed that important facts were withheld from him at the start of his career and that is why he is involved in the legal action against the RFL.

The RFL have been striving to make the game safer with a clamp down on contact with the head and late hits but also rule changes in the academy which are set to take place this summer which will see tackle height lowered to armpit or lower whilst kick-offs will be moved to the 40 metre line.

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