Super League star on crutches after unpunished “foul play”

Sadly one Super League star has been posted on crutches and in a protective boot.

Salford Red Devils forward Shane Wright has been in superb form in 2023 getting through bucket loads of work week in, week out and scoring the odd try.

However, today he picked up a nasty injury as he dived on a loose ball and was hit by a tackle from Matty Lees.

Now the forward has been seen in a protective boot and on crutches.

Paul Rowley has now said that he has suffered a suspected broken ankle.

Kyle Amor noted that Lees was lucky to not receive a card:

“Sometimes these things even themselves out. Saints fans will not be happy about Jonny Lomax potentially being taken out before a try at the other end and Matty Lees is quite lucky there as well.”

Mark Wilson meanwhile said that Wright was lucky it wasn’t a more serious injury describing it as foul play:

“As well, Shane Wright is incredibly lucky because another centimetre or so that ankle could have been busted.

“He is in a bad way anyway but it could have been a whole lot worse.

“Salford fans are not happy because there looked to be a bit of foul play in there.”

Amor did defend Lees noting it was a fraction of a second:

“I think Matty Lees is trying to advance on the ball you are talking fractions of a second.”

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