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Super League star “not sure” if rugby league will be here in 10 years

It has been an incredible week for rugby league and it’s future with IMG’s proposals passed by the clubs in a meeting on Wednesday.

This is to safeguard the future of the sport which is often said to be in peril.

For forty years it seems people have been saying the sport will die off in a decade but it is still here and perhaps IMG’s changes will breath more life into the game.

Now Super League star Greg Eden has answered the question whether the game will be still around in a decade on the Fully Game podcast.

His answer was:

“I’m not sure, that comment gets thrown around quite a lot. The conversations I have people always say it won’t be here in 10 years or it’s a dying game or even part time.

“I’m not sure. I think as long as Sky are backing it, I don’t think it can go backwards. As long as there’s good players coming through, Aussies wanting to come over and a bit of Sky money paying the majority of the wages.

“I think the majority comes from Sky, but then they have to play the games on a  Thursday or Friday night. I think that’s why it’s 8 o’clock kick-offs because that’s when Sky want to pencil it in for.

“I think a lot of rugby lads that want to watch all want Sunday games so you can have a family day out, and it’s something to do on a Sunday.

“It’s a bit of a hindrance when it’s Thursday nights for fans but I don’t mind it because you get your weekend back.”

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