Super League star not keen on new position but happy to do job for his team

Last year Tui Lolohea was one of Super League’s best player starring at fullback for Huddersfield Giants with 29 assists.

Despite this, with Huddersfield’s injury woes, Lolohea had to come on as a hooker against former club Salford Red Devils and looked very good in the role.

Speaking today, Lolohea said he’s not a hooker but felt he did a good job in the role and was happy to do his bit for the team:

“It was a good experience. First time doing it professionally. I’ve done it once, maybe when I was playing under-20s back in New Zealand. It was only for a couple minutes.

“I think this time I managed about 45 minutes, played the whole second half. It felt a bit different. Just being in the front line and being in a washing machine flowing, just the whole experience of it, I thought I did a good job there.

“I was quite solid in what I did. I don’t want to be back there. I’m not a hooker but if it’s to make the team better and to do a job then I’ll put my hand up.”

Asked about the added defensive responsibilities, Lolohea said:

“Well it’s not too bad, I’m a bit of a bigger body so I didn’t get spotted out too much which is probably good.”

Lolohea was also asked about what he thought when he asked to play there against Salford. He said he was happy at first but was soon very nervous:

“I kind of just was like, oh yeah, sweet as, but when I was at the ballpark I was like, holy… I think I was more nervous on the weekend than I’ve probably ever been. Just thinking about, obviously, the role I was going to do on the field and being a hooker.”

Ultimately, he sees himself as a fullback despite coming to the UK with Leeds Rhinos as a stand-off originally: “I think at the minute I see myself as a fullback.

“I’ve played a bit of there and a bit of halfback this season so you know, it’s just seeing what works for the best for the team as well. I think when we do get a stable team and a consistent team, I think I probably do see myself in fullback in the role that I could do there so yeah.”

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