Toulouse star Mark Kheirallah will not play for Toulouse Olympique again

Mark Kheirallah will never play for Toulouse Olympique again, head coach Sylvain Houles has confirmed.

Toulouse went down 38-12 to Salford Red Devils this afternoon with Ken Sio getting four tries and Marc Sneyd kicking their French opponents to death.

The French side have had to make do without stars Kheirallah and Johnathon Ford in the 2022 Super League campaign so far – arguably two architects of their promotion to Super League.

“Mark won’t play for again for us. As simple as that,’ Houles said following the Salford fixture.

“From my side, yes, and from the contract side, there’s an element where the trust has been broken. So, it’s quite tough.

“There’s legal stuff in there where it’s not up to me to say, but it’s not rocket science either to understand I don’t think.

“I think our chairman has been saying it in France and on French newspapers.”

Kheirallah appeared to make himself available for selection in 2022 via Instagram a fortnight ago, but that will never be the case again.

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Roland Orzabal
Roland Orzabal
5 months ago

Good on him for his anti-vaccination stance…