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Super League star hits out at RFL lawsuit

It won’t have escaped your notice that some ex-players, such as the out spoken and honest Nick Fozzard, are taking legal action against the RFL in a move which has divided opinion.

Now a current Super League star in the shape of Greg Eden has had his say.

“If you’ve got serious injuries and you can prove that it’s from rugby then I’m not sure, it’s like industrial injuries,” Eden said on the Fully Game YouTube channel.

“Say I snapped my finger and it was hanging off, you can put a claim in for industrial injuries and you might get 3% added to you.

“There’s a thing where, and I think it’s any place of work, but if you add up to 20% and above of dodgy injured parts then you can get a certain amount of money every month for the rest of your life.

“That thing with the head lawsuit though, I think there’s about 100 players claiming against the RFL for neglect or safety throughout the careers but my opinion is if you’re playing the game you know what to expect. You’re not playing it for any other reason.”

So Eden seems to be against the idea though understands why players would want some level of compensation after an injury.

His view is very different from Fozzard who has claimed things were “withheld” from him at the start of his career.

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