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Super League star faces uncertain future after red card

It is that time of year where rugby league players across the country are looking to resolve their futures.

Since May 1st Super League players have been able to negotiate with rival clubs but that doesn’t mean they will leave their current teams necessarily.

Many players use this period to consider their options before making a decison.

One Super League star is in this position in the shape of Josh Griffin.

The Hull FC star is currently sitting out a mammoth ban and Griffin argued during the hearing for his seven match ban after his comments towards Chris Kendall that he should avoid a long ban to help him secure his future.

Now Tony Smith has had his say on the matter but confirmed Griffin would play for Hull again at least in 2023.

“Yeah, no, it’s not ideal for Josh or the club in that respect. It sort of puts things on hold, you know, for the moment, that’s for sure. So yeah, when you’re playing for a contract and you can’t play, it makes it difficult to drive your point home So we’ll just have to pick that up at the appropriate time,” Smith said on BBC Radio Humberside.

On his disciplinary record he said: “All those things have got to be weighed up. Yeah it’ll probably play a part in whatever decisions are made, but that could be that, well, that’s not important or it is important.

“We’ll weigh those up and make those decisions as a club and as a, you know, a group of people who make decisions on people’s contract. That’s me and with some input from some others at times, you know, when I get advice from other people, but it’s mainly me.”

Griffin’s teammate Andre Savelio is in a similar boat: “Oh yeah, we’ll discuss all those at the right and appropriate times. We have those sort of discussions in private.

“Of course, if you’re playing well it helps, of course. If you’re not out on the park and you’re not playing, it makes it hard.

“It makes it easy for other decisions to be made, but he’s certainly going in the right direction for talks about his future with this club, for sure, whilst he’s playing, and playing well. That’s all he can do. He can only manage bits that he can manage, and that’s performance. He’s approaching it the right way.”

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