Why Super League star dodged ban despite calls from Sky Sports pundit for punishment

Yesterday, Sky Sports’ Terry O’Connor said he wanted to see Huddersfield Giants star Luke Yates banned due to his “disdain” for a certain type of tackle.

Yates was yellow carded against St Helens for a low tackle where he hit around the knee.

This is a type of tackle that O’Connor hates and he wants to see any player doing them banned including Yates.

“I’m not a lover of them tackles I’ll be honest,” he said on Sly Sports.

“In fact, I despise those tackles when two players are holding the man up and you hit the standing leg from behind.

“People used to say you can hit the crease of the knee but when does your torso end up?

“It’s 10 minutes at least in the sin bin for me.

“I don’t want to be judge and jury over this but they have got pick up a ban.

“Sione Mata’utia was yellow carded for it against Leeds Rhinos last week and I was surprised he wasn’t banned.

“I have said it for a number of years now as these have crept into the game, they are just not needed.”

However, O’Connor did not get his wish. The terrific loose-forward, like Mata’utia before him, was instead banned.

Yates was only charged with a Grade A offence.

The minutes say of Yates’ offence:

“Dangerous Contact – Defender uses any part of their body forcefully to twist, bend or
otherwise apply pressure to the limb or limbs of an opposing player in a way that involves
an unacceptable risk of injury to that player.”

However, with it only being deemed a Grade A charge Yates avoids the ban. Therefore the panel must have determined a limited risk.