Super League signing admits he was surprised by how tough pre-season was

It’s Magic Weekend this week and Hull KR prop Jesse Sue is about to get his first taste of Super League’s Magic Weekend having played in it in the NRL.

Thus, he has had his say on the evet:

“I enjoy it as a player, especially for fans as well. They get to watch all their teams there and all their favourite players at the same stadium in one day. So I think it’s a good concept and yeah, that’s why the NRL took it because it’s marvellous.”

Hull KR start the weekend’s action against Salford Red Devils and on this, he said: “Yeah, I enjoy that. I think that’ll work good for us. We can just get there and play. We don’t have to watch anyone play or see any other teams there, just get in there, do our job and yeah, then we can watch the remainder of the games.

“Yeah, hopefully, like I said before, it’s probably the best that we’re playing first, get the nerves out early and the field will be still in good nick, won’t be torn up from other teams.”

Sue is enjoying his time in Super League and opened up on the shift over to the UK admitting he was surprised by the intensity of pre-season:

“Yeah, I can’t really compare to the NRL. It’s a whole different game. It’s real physical. Still as physical as any game I’ve played in.

“A lot of teams do play that off the cuff, so it’s a lot more difficult to defend. But yeah, I’m really enjoying it.

“The fans get behind you every week, and yeah, I love that part of the game as well. Yeah so I’m really enjoying it the first time after the season.

“I think the biggest surprise was coming here and getting smacked in the face with how tough preseason was but it’s really paid off so far.”

He has also been really impressed by the fans: “Yeah they’re a lot more intense here. In the NRL it’s like sometimes you can’t like you don’t even know they’re there but here you know fans are there cheering singing songs it’s so good, you really feel like they’re playing the field and it helps a lot.”