Super League side have seemingly made some “exciting” signings for 2024

Right now there is a lot of focus on recruitment and one Super League coach has hinted at some exciting signings.

That is Adrian Lam who when asked about signings was cryptic as he said: “We’re pretty excited about the future for us so let’s just put it that way.”

The Leopards recently signed Frankie Halton from Hull KR and are expected to sign Owen Trout for 2024 from Huddersfield Giants.

When asked about building a squad to ensure they continue to compete in Super League, Lam added:

“Absolutely, I think when you’ve got an owner or a chairman, or everyone at that top level including Chris Chester and Neil Jukes, who are all on the same page with where we want to head as a club then it’s really exciting.

“We can identify these local juniors and bring them back to us when we think that they can also help build the DNA of the club.

“It’s always great to bring a local junior back into your system especially when it’s someone you see as being part of your future.

“When you keep that in mind and with where we want to head as a club and a group moving forward then there’ll be a few more in the near future.”

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