Super League side could be set for investment as succession plans outlined

Last Thursday a major news story was somewhat overshadowed by IMG’s proposed grading criteria but they were in fact linked together.

What was this major story? Michael Carter’s resignation from his position as CEO of Wakefield Trinity.

In his resignation letter, Carter made it clear that IMG formed part of his thinking with the £2 million he put into the club over the last 12 months itself not enough.

He also admitted that presently Wakefield aren’t built to survive in this new era of Super League.

He said:

“As we move into a new era for Rugby League with the recently announced IMG proposals, it is clear that our Club will have to change to survive at Super League level. Although the new facilities we are building give us new opportunities, we still face massive challenges; to exploit the facilities on non-match days and attract significantly higher crowds to our games. Those clubs with the best chance of achieving Super League success remain those with a wealthy benefactor.

“I have never claimed to be that wealthy benefactor, despite supporting the Club to the tune of in excess of £2 million pounds over the last 12 years, and I firmly believe that Wakefield Trinity needs someone else to lead this Club forward from this point, to take it to the next level.”

Following this, it is interesting to look at the comments from Chairman John Minards who has promised there is a plan to replace Carter which should act on what Carter himself has said is holding the club back:

“Some people were surprised, I wasn’t because Michael and I have been speaking about this for about a year,” Minards said on Wakefield TV.

“Eras cone to an end in life and he has done 10 years here. The time for a proper tribute will be when he does leave all he has done so far has indicated that he will leave at some stage and by the end of the season he will.

“I want to reiterate, without Michael Carter there would be no club. He has carried this club through the last 10 years and has given the club opportunities.

“It’s not a surprise to me, there are plans in place for succession. You have seen how I deal with things that are commercially sensitive, when things are quiet it is because these things are done behind closed doors but there are plans in place and people are being talked to.

“There is a sense also that we are changing as a business and when you change a business you need to change the leadership.

“Great opportunities will arise from this.”

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