Super League side chasing immediate signing

Hull KR are doing it tough at the moment in terms of injuries.

Lachlan Coote could retire early after another head knock, Jordan Abdull is out for 12 weeks which could rise to 17 with surgery and Sam Wood has possibly played his last game for the club after suffering a knee injury.

Willie Peters has however confirmed that the club are looking for an immediate signing to address this:

“Well, we will have to look at what’s out there, there’s no doubt, because the situation that we’re in and the ability that you can do that in our competition, we’ll definitely look at what’s available.

“The short answer is yes. We don’t have anyone at this stage that’s 100% coming in, but we’re certainly looking because we’re in a position now that we need to.

We’ve got guys internally where they’re getting communicated to regularly around where they’re at and what they need to do if they’re not in the team.

“But obviously those guys will be pushing first, but we’ll certainly look at some opportunities outside as well.”

Another option is promoting the academy: “Look, it’s always an option because the way we want to operate is you want to look at within first. The best model is having as many juniors as possible and then bringing in who you need to bring in in terms of whether that’s a marquee level or whether that’s at a lower level.

“You always want to develop within first. So that’s what we’ll do. But I’ve also said at the start of the year, we won’t just hand jerseys out for the sake of it. It needs to be earned.

“Each player in our organisation knows where they’re at. It’s not new to them to go, well, I should be next because I’m next in line. They know where they’re at, what they need to work on, what they’re doing well as well and what their strengths are. So we want to look within first.”