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Super League releases superb promotional video for St Helens vs Leeds Rhinos Grand Final

By this time on Saturday night a fairytale will have its happily ever after, a cinema script will have its closing shot, a myth will enter legendary status.

No matter the outcome at Old Trafford on Saturday night, history will be made as two very different yet equally inspiring stories tussle for Hollywood blockbuster status.

The winner will be granted immortality, for the loser it’s that dreaded fate of being forgotten, being consigned to the history books, the dreaded second place.

For St Helens the story hinges on one number: 4. Four consecutive Super League titles, beckon – a record. But they are also haunted by that number and their four defeats to Leeds on the grandest stage. Can they finally deliver their Old Trafford crescendo against that Blue and Amber army?

More numbers have meaning for the Saints too. A record ninth Grand Final win awaits, a record 10th Super League title would be assured if they did on this their 14th appearance on Super League’s grandest stage.

The number three matters a shed load too. As Kristian Woolf bows out, he’s trying to become the first coach to win the Super League three years in a row.

But what of their opponents, the Leeds Rhinos?

For them, it’s about repeating history. For the third time in history, they’ve made it to the Theatre of Dreams despite finishing fifth in the league forming something of a countdown in finals.

In 2011 they beat third place Saints, in 2012 it was second place Warrington and now it’s the league leaders who stand in their way.

A ninth title beckons them too, a temptress teasing a forgotten warrior as they finally make their way back to the big dance, a first in five years an 11th all in all.

But this one would perhaps be the most unlikely. Written off, discarded, at the end of their rope after a few years in the wilderness. Relegation seems more likely than an Old Trafford return, yet here they are, Rohan’s revolution has led them to the precipice of greatness.

And if you think all that sounds like a story worth telling, you’d be right if Super League’s official promotional video is anything to go by. It distils the tale that waits into a hype filled few minutes which is sure to give you goosebumps ahead of Saturday’s decider.

Following in the footsteps of other like videos such as ‘The Man in the Arena’ this one plays on the pursuit of greatness from both sides, both on different roads.

You can watch it here:

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1 Comment

  1. Roland Orzabal

    September 22, 2022 at 3:04 am


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