Super League referee thanked for role in lovely moment in Rugby League World Cup

Rugby League is perhaps the ultimate family sport and might just be the most inclusive sport on the planet.

This has been epitomised by the Rugby League World Cup which has seen the men’s, women’s and wheelchair tournaments come together alongside that the PDRL tournament which kickstarted this weekend.

Something else that has epitomised the togetherness of our great game was a “little story” from England’s clash with Bolton on Saturday.

As the teams walked out in front of 23,000 fans, Westhoughton Lions’ young players walked out alongside the star players but one young man was a little nervous and didn’t want to go out with them.

At risk of missing out on a great experience, the officials, including Super League Grand Final referee Liam Moore, helped talk him round creating a lovely story that the Lions shared on their Facebook page saying: “A little story from yesterday.

“Yesterday one of our little lions was a little nervous about walking out with the players, unfortunately he missed his chance in the tunnel.

“The amazing match officials Gerard Sutton, Liam Moore and Todd Smith saved the day by taking their time to talk him round and encouraged him to walk out with them instead.

“This was so he didn’t miss out on his opportunity to be a part of the pre match presentation.

“Rugby league will always win.”

Meanwhile, Moore was thanked on Twitter for his involvement in the lovely moment which sums up the brilliance and togetherness of rugby league.

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1 month ago

A lovely story-but ‘England’s clash with Bolton’ – really !!!