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Super League Quiz: How many of these former players can you name?

Super League quiz

In this Super League quiz, we test your knowledge to the limit as we see how many of these obscure former players you can name.

Since 1996, thousands of players have played in Super League from all over the world.

The current game sees more transfers from overseas than ever before, with some players often spending just one or two seasons in Super League before heading back overseas.

This is due to the popularity of the game in Australia, with the reputation and financial power of the NRL growing every year meaning more players play the game down under than in the UK.

Because of this, clubs in Super League often search the NRL for players, with many coming to British shores at the end of their careers, normally for no more than three seasons, to see out their careers.

This leads to a big turnover of players over a five-year period at many Super League clubs, with some teams unrecognisable in terms of their playing squad within this short timeframe.

That is simply the modern game, whereas before teams would often keep the same group of players together with minimal changes season on season. Now there are more players at different clubs and in different competitions than ever before.

With this in mind, we want to test your player knowledge in this Super League quiz. Attempt the quiz below and see how many players you identify and how many questions you can answer correctly.

Super League Quiz: Name these past and present players

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