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Super League players haven’t “heard a peep” from IMG says forward

Rugby league is entering a hugely important time in the sport’s history as IMG prepare to reimagine the sport.

For players like Owen Trout who believe the sport is on a “downward slope” the news couldn’t come at a better time.

He recently said on the brilliant Show Me The Money UK TV YouTube Channel, he underlined his concern for the future of the sport.

The Huddersfield Giants forward said: “Back in the day people started signing long contracts whereas I feel now it’s not necessarily that the clubs don’t want to give them out, but it’s more so as a player you don’t have that faith in the sport.

“Especially like if it’s going to last five or six years because it’s on a downward slope, something needs to change and someone needs to change it. We can’t all be looking around to see who is going to change it.”

However, he also revealed that players haven’t heard anything from IMG:

“From IMG themselves I haven’t heard a peep, we don’t really know what the plan is. What are they going to bring in that’s changing it. Obviously we need change, everyone knows something needs to change. We heard about this IMG contract coming in and the big plan but from a player’s perspective I don’t really know anyone that knows their plan.”

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