Super League owner says sport is in “a rough moment” as their fan base is “crumbling”

Catalans Dragons owner is very out spoken and has been driving French rugby league and Catalans themselves leading them to the Challenge Cup trophy and League Leaders’ Shield.

However, he has admitted that their fan base is “crumbling” and that the sport is in “a rough moment” at present as they struggle to entice young fans.

He said in French publication L’Independant, Guasch said:

“We are coming out of two difficult years in terms of subscriptions (season ticket sales) in relation to the pandemic and we hope a lot from this 2023 campaign. We have lost a lot of old supporters in the last two years. We knew we had an elderly audience. But this audience is crumbling from one year to the next. We are at 2000 subscribers today.

“Exactly. We try to entice young people. I appeal to all these young people who can turn to this sport that was supposed to become the sport of the 2000s, but which is in the rough at the moment.

“We are struggling to attract this category of young people, despite the spectator sport that we offer. We will put the gum back at the level of communication at the beginning of the year.”

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1 month ago

No wonder the way they keep changing the rules season after season??
The rulining bodies are trying to make the game somthing that It’ll never be
Get back to the old ways ,It’ll always be a working mans game????