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Super League legend reveals how biased tribunal saw him avoid ban

Adrian Morley infamously was sent off against Australia after 12 second.

The brilliant British prop revealed recently how the card devastated Morley especially as they lost.

“I just thought that if we could hang on for the win then it wouldn’t feel half as bad but they got us at the end,” he said on the Out of Your League podcast.

However, he then revealed how the tribunal went and the bizarre story that allowed Morley to play the next game.

“After that I had to have an international tribunal so there was two English guys and an Australia and when we got there the Australians said if Morley had done that in Australia I would have got six or seven weeks.

“The two English lads said ‘well we’re not in Australia’ and they said he’s already served the game off because he went off in the first minute, but what we’re going to do is hit him hard in the pocket.

“They said they’d give me a record fine but I’d get to play in the second and third test and you should see the Aussie, he was absolutely gutted.

“So I did get a chance to play in the second and third test and again we were winning with five minutes to go and again they found a way to win.”

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