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Super League legend explains why he left rugby league completely

People often panic that rugby league allows its legends and big personalities to leave the sport.

The biggest one was of course recently when the sport lost Leeds Rhinos legend Kevin Sinfield to rugby union.

Now another Super League legend has opened up on why he is no longer involved in the sport week to week.

“I did try coaching for a year at Salford then I had a year at Leeds but it didn’t really float my boat, but I was the academy coach for a year,” he said on the Out of Your League podcast.

“I knew I wouldn’t get the same enjoyment from coaching as I would from playing but it didn’t even go anywhere near.

“There were some parts of the job I liked but the majority weren’t great and even when you’re not playing it’s still a big commitment on your time.

“It’s your weekends, your Easter and summer holidays and I’ve got three young kids and I just thought even though I’m not playing, I’m not getting the same enjoyment and I still can’t go away and do what I want.

“I’ve got the flexibility now so that’s the reason I came out of the sport. I still love the sport dearly but I’m glad I’m not in it all day, day to day at a club.

“I watch as many games as I can. I’ve got two boys and they love it and I like taking them.

“I’m glad I’m not involved day to day but that’s not to say I won’t get involved one day, I still do bits of media stuff but I’m quite happy having a break and if that break lasts forever then so be it. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t.”

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