‘Super League isn’t what it used to be’ – Jermaine McGillvary believes licensing needs to return for the good of the game

Jermaine McGillvary has made a name for himself as one of the most consistent Super League players now for over a decade.

A dedicated England international, the winger began his trade – by his own admission – when he was ‘not very good.

However, it was his experience at Batley Bulldogs and the ability of Huddersfield to continue giving him a chance that ensured his path to the first-team became reality.

And, that was a lot down to licensing.

“I think Super League isn’t what it used to be when I was coming through,” McGillvary admitted.

“The quality of the player, the match experience when I used to walk to games it used to be like a carnival atmosphere and now you could see tumbleweed going past.

“The quality of player, there were loads more and I think licensing helped because clubs weren’t bothered abut being relegated and they would throw some youngsters in there and now they are picking more experienced players due to fear of relegation.

“I don’t believe in the current system, I wouldn’t have made it as I was terrible when I first started.

“There are a lot of players like I was when I was 18 who can’t get the opportunity because clubs are too scared of being relegated and rightly so.”

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