Super League fans push petition in effort to save club from liquidation

Salford Red Devils have made it clear that they face liquidation if action is not taken soon.

Despite the recent heights the club has achieved, the 2019 Super League Grand Final, the 2020 Challenge Cup Final and the 2022 Super League semi-finals as well as producing two of the last five Man of Steel winners in the shape of Jackson Hastings and Brodie Croft, they are facing extinction.

The Super League club’s tenancy agreement at the AJ Bell Stadium is due to expire on December 1st which would leave them in violation of IMG’s minimum standards which could see them miss out on Super League places in 2025. This would hurt them financially and lead them to the bring of extinction.

Now the club’s fans are now pushing a petition to save the club on It is a worrying situation with the club in desperate talks to find a potential new home in case the council are unable to agree a new deal with the council also noting that Peel are partially at fault due to their involvement in the current agreement.

There is also the situation around Sale Sharks. Either way, the club’s fans have banded together with nearly 15,000 signing the petition to save the club.

The mission statement reads: “As many of you may have seen the recent articles and news sections, Salford council have yet to make a decision and formalise the details for the Salford Red Devils to continue playing rugby league games at the Salford Community Stadium. We are getting close to the deadline day to renew this and this plays heavily with IMG ratings and the future of the club.

“Salford Red Devils has a rich history within rugby league and this has to continue, but needs the council to complete what is needed for their own rugby league club.

“Please sign and share, to gain more momentum. Thank you

“The AJ Bell Stadium has been subject of an approach to be bought. The stadium has been built for the community of Salford and to house the city’s elite sports club, Salford Red Devils. The stadium must stay for the community of Salford and the Salford Red Devils!”

You can sign the petition here.