Super League could lose foothold at famous stadium to rugby union

Magic Weekend is nearly upon us.

For much of this year it has been questioned whether the 2023 Magic Weekend will be the last event of its kind.

However, there have been recent reports that the Magic Weekend could stay at least for 2024.

Now Sky Sports reporter Kyle Walker has stated that it is unclear now if this will be the last Magic Weekend suggesting that there is a chance it could continue into 2024.

“The Magic Weekend is just days away but even with it so close the future of the event is still unclear,” Walker said.

“It still isn’t certain whether or not this will be the last event of its kind.”

There has been talk that IMG are wanting to get rid of the Magic Weekend but according to an update from RL Commercial at the start of the season, this had yet been rubber-stamped.

They stated: “It’s part of the loop fixtures, the view is that loop fixtures are disappearing. That was part of the recommendations but they’re not rubber-stamped immediately so we’re going through the process of looking at the calendar in totality.

“That’s including the Challenge Cup, including new events, which was something that IMG had as part of the recommendations. So it might not be Magic, it might be the new event, Magic might be the new event for example but a different type of Magic. It’s all on the table at the moment.”

However, if Super League does not move quickly it seems they could lose their foothold in the famous stadium St James’ Park, the current venue for the Magic Weekend.

This is because Rugby Union are considering moving their Premiership Final to the ground which would take place around the same time as the Magic Weekend usually does.

This comes from who claim the RFU are considering a move to St James’ Park, the Etihad or even the Tottenham Hotspurs Stadium.

Thus, if Super League wants to keep Magic and keep it at St James’ Park they need to move quick.

Newcastle Falcons play at the ground once a year already often sporting a special one off kit.