Super League coach trying to sort out the salary cap as recruitment begins

There are rumours circulating about signings at almost every club.

But since signing Adam Milner from Castleford Tigers last week, there has been little talk about who could be through the door at Huddersfield Giants in 2024.

Speaking this week, Ian Watson gave an update on recruitment.

He said they have a few things going on and are trying to balance the salary cap but that the focus is on the here and now.

“What we wanted to focus on was the immediate here now so we’ve had a look at a few little things going forward of what would improve us and what would make us kind of better as a group and how we kind of balance the salary cap and the squad out,” Watson said.

“So we’re on with that but we want to say the biggest focus is here and now for us.”

The biggest focus for him is getting his players back on the field:

“Like I said, we’ve got a good group. We just felt probably we needed to get our players back on the field. It was a big one. That looks like it’s starting to happen now.

“So, when you saw them really good performances at the start of the year with the Saints and the Wigan games, you even look at the Leeds one, which probably should have won that one as well in hindsight, but we didn’t, it is what it is.

“But there were good performances there in the losses, and we’ve shown that we’re more than capable to compete at that top end. We just need them players out there doing the job and doing the job for the team.

“Adam Milner was a big one for us, because I think he just helps us stiffen that middle period up. We lost a big body in someone like Danny Levi last year as well, and obviously he made us a lot stiffer, probably defensively more so than what we’d had before. So yeah, getting Adam Milner in is a big one for us to help us develop and be better. And then it allows somebody like Nathan Peat and Adam O’Brien and them to be able to play their natural game.”